Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hair Bows

I sure have been doing a lot of cooking posts, so let's switch it up a little and post about some crafts.  My best friend in the entire whole world, Suzy,  taught me how to make hair bows for my girls.  My girls NEVER go out with some kind of hair pretty, so I was glad to finally learn how to make the cute boutique style ones.  Here are some that I've made:

I made almost all of these flowers that are hanging here:

I also made some hair bows that go with outfits I sewed for gifts:

For these dresses I used pattern #M6007 of Easy Stitch n' Save by McCalls (from Walmart), and the sweater is the Abagail Sweater from ravelry.com.  Thanks to Kay Squared Designs for it.  I've made this sweater at least 6 times for various gifts. I'll probably do a post about these sweaters later.

So there are my hair pretties I made.

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